Rosa Hermosa (light pink) – Multi-Dimensionality

Rosa Hermosa has interesting capacity to assist people as they come to understand all concepts of dimensionality, that they exist at multidimensional levels, work with shifted energies. As has been mentioned in the past, only a small percentage of people?s consciousness, on average about 10% or so, manifests at the physical level in that which they are aware of through thought, meditation, connection to others, communication, etc; the rest, non-local, manifested at higher vibrational realms, is sometimes thought of as the soul, is a point of interactivity for guides, helpers, and other energies. By using this rose elixir, they gradually become more aware of all of these levels of existence, and as the higher levels reach into their own consciousness, it affects them, it allows them more flexible points of view or new ways of learning things or new ways of relating to people, but ultimately it changes their very concept of what is possible in the world. This can be particularly valuable when guides, helpers, and others are involved in working with you, because the concepts that they wish to translate and give to you can often be things that are way outside of your everyday thought patterns, the way you think of things, the people you interact with and so on.


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