Rosa Helenae(White) – Higher Truth

Devas associated with this plant have been significantly changed over the last hundred years. They are very adaptable; they have been programmed with information from Lemurian times with the capacity to adapt to many circumstances of energy. At the subtle level, it is very important at this time for humanity to be able to draw in new concepts, to hold them for a long time, to work with them as need be, and then once one has gained sufficient knowledge, to release them completely, finding the next level, the next awareness. Rosa helenae helps one understand absolute truth and relative truth, understand the difference, and be able to laugh at the necessity within ones consciousness for absolute truth, for some reference in the universe, some aspect that is somehow not relative. This essence will help one to ascertain the specific aspects of truth in your life that are helpful, that help you understand and grow, and let go of past-held belief patterns that you just somehow knew were the truth.


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