Rosa Gymnocarpa (Little Woods Rose, Pink) – Psychic Function

This rose has useful capabilities for individuals to blend different parts of their personalities, to accept them in a loving way, and allow this to produce important psychic abilities. After continued use many paranormal abilities naturally tend to blossom and strengthen; most typically will be those relating to clairsentience, or the feeling sense, or the energies associated with psychometry, or other ways of feeling the energies of objects and beings around one; not because this is inherently connected to Rosa gymnocarpa, but rather because these are the energies that many individuals have to some extent suppressed, and thus the energies associated with the more feeling or kinesthetic psychic side of an individual begin to emerge. Gradually an individual becomes more accepting of the buried hidden abilities, the shadow self, the willingness to blend these aspects with other parts of ones life, and as a result they are able to accept more aspects of themselves, accepting the loving self, accepting the judgmental self, accepting those parts of ones personality that have been perhaps troubling, fear producing, or creating disharmony or stress. Thus as one is able to accept this, one can then more easily change these qualities, or shift them in some way that would be helpful to others.


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