Rosa Gallica Versicolor – Love Wisdom

(Striped white, pink, red)
At higher vibrational levels, Rosa Gallica allows the understanding of the interaction, to an extent that it becomes quite helpful, quite loving, quite receptive, as if wisdom is made into love, as if some sense of higher knowledge is somehow transformed into joy, as if some sense of where one is going, higher purpose, higher functionality, is transferred at a higher vibrational level into some sense of higher, joyful, explosion of energy, purpose, and the enjoyment of this. These are difficult energies to describe because they are feeling sense energies, kinesthetic energies; and various ways to bring these into form with Rosa Gallica?s assistance, will often be helpful–such as creative effort, drawing, painting, but especially dancing, to move the body in any way and receive this. Thus yoga and simple tai chi movements, where there isn?t a lot of thinking involved, can benefit by the use of this elixir. In addition, it will be seen that there are powerful helpful loving influences associated with the love nature of a person: the intrinsic need to love and be loved. The fourth chakra is directly stimulated. It is excellent for counselors and for people needing counseling.


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Weight2.91 oz
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