Rosa Foetida Bicolor (yellow/orange) – New Aesthetic Sensibilities

The sense of beauty in art that shifts in consciousness comes because you have new eyes, because you see things upside-down, backwards, inside out, you see them in ways that you had not previously before, you make new associations. It is quite stimulating to the brain to do this. At times it can be over-stimulating. Rosa foetida also is helpful when one finds a sense of fatigue in the brain or some difficulty with assimilation of new knowledge. This can be particularly applicable when one is seeking to develop a new aesthetic sense, or come to a deeper understanding of how to see, how to use the seeing principle. However the other side to this has to do with the whole understanding of what is accepted in your world and what is rejected, judgment itself shifted within consciousness using Rosa foetida, ability to re-evaluate, reprioritize at times, and more importantly, let go of your judgments. Sometimes this can allow the individual to perceive a beauty or art or magnificence in anything, things that had previously been rejected. Taking the elixir is also helpful in various musical forms, dance forms, and of course in all of the graphic arts, as individuals come to deeper awareness of this, but particularly helpful where one wishes to transform landscape, urban or rural, change various aspects of ones living conditions by working with feng shui or other matters, recognizing higher level senses of balance than had previously been present.


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