Rosa Etain (pale orange/pink) – Service To Others

This rose appears to bring a sense of deep level of humility, kindness, and acceptance into people?s consciousness. It builds gradually, and will inevitably require them to look into areas of assisting others with their love or healing energy in ways they had not previously considered possible. It can be especially helpful when learning a new healing discipline or technique, a new way of meditation or some area that you are unfamiliar with. Another aspect that comes up for people around this rose elixir, could have to do with finding peace in communities where this has not been found before. This idea that you can love others who would seem not only different from yourself, but in some ways opposed to you, seeking to dominate you, seeking to in some way provide for themselves, it is as if at the key level, the devas symbolize the idea of a transformation from service to self to service to others.


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