Rosa Dr. Huey (dark red) – Deeper Acceptance

This rose has some unique characteristics of steadfastness and awareness of the love principle as it connects quite beyond the human life-stream to Earth, to all the beings that inhabit Earth, to the sense that you belong here. Many individuals on your planet struggle with issues of belonging, finding their way home, stranger in a strange land, many other aspects of this, that which some have called foreigner syndrome, and this rose seems to be helpful as an essence in relieving this. Most individuals who suffer from foreigner syndrome have at the same time a powerful desire to get into human form, to be here, to interact with humans, to make a go of it. They will find sometimes that this conflict is a source of various difficulties in their lives. Some of those energies relate very specifically to the heart, the ability of the individual to open the heart, to find something loving, something beautiful, something admirable in every aspect of life, every aspect of nature, politics, economics, every issue that is difficult. Although this can lead one to forgiveness or deeper acceptance, it is not that emotion directly, it is rather the discovery of that which is intrinsically valuable or beautiful in anything that gives the essence its greatest power in working with people in the world.


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