Rosa Damascena Versicolor – Thought Addiction (white/pink, Europ

This particular flower essence also has the ability here to assist people with the highest addiction that most individuals are likely to encounter in this life, and that is the addiction to thought. Thought is a process that is valuable and useful for expression, for bringing certain capacities into form for others. But to utilize it for evaluation, consideration, the gathering of various forms of knowledge, even to use it for logic, compared to the action of the heart (the individual?s own intuitive natural abilities), the use of thought would appear to be very inefficient, and in many cases, inappropriate. For it simply gives the wrong result. Therefore as individuals come to understand this deeper addiction, the use of this rose as flower essence may be quite valuable. Their ability to sense the presence within them of the energies that go before thought, the energies that can guide and strengthen them in their willingness to share information in the world may be enhanced, and in this way the thought process used appropriately without the necessity to become an addict to it (to utilize it in place of the other things that are the natural gifts of so many). At the highest spiritual level here, this flower essence can be valuable for teaching about telepathy, allowing individuals to make deeper contact with themselves in the telepathic process so that it is not frightening.


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