Rosa Coriifolia Froebelii (white) – Higher Manifestation

This can be a fairly stimulating flower essence to open the crown chakra and allow energies that have sometimes been long stored-childhood energies, energies brought by one’s guides into your consciousness but not received by you. Even energies of angels or masters or beings of great light and assistance from earth. Energies that have not been previously received – and allow these through to be received by the individual at the appropriate chakra level, and the appropriate energy frequency, in the appropriate way in their lives. If you have the sense that you are being communicated with from subtle levels and are unable to bring this through easily, utilize this essence. It can relieve stress that may develop as a result of the sense of this communication not made clear enough. At a higher spiritual level it can encourage deeper states of channeling and allow individuals who work with it to come into greater understanding of the entire channeling process. The strengthening that may occur as a result may allow individuals a reverse process in which then they are able to project beautiful light as if imagined pouring like a fountain out of the top of the head. This light may be quite powerful in the way in which you imagine it, and usually takes several days before it will manifest in any direct form. But this means that for individuals on a spiritual path who also need assistance with manifestation of form, of money, of relationship, of getting things done in the world and all of that, this essence can be valuable if the energies that one wishes to manifest may be then imagined pouring out the top of the head in a fountain and this energy and light then simply spreading in all directions easily; with no particular form then given to it, it will find its own way easily then into the Earth.


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