Rosa Chinensis Serratipetala (Red) – Releasing Judgment

The rediscovery of this rose is of some significance, as some of its qualities may be very helpful at the current time, enabling people a deep sense of fearless love, loving in situations where they must enter into dangerous situations, finding love in ways that they would not normally be able to find it, finding love for people that they would perhaps be coached or assisted in their society to hate, to dislike, to shun, to judge. . It is not just that one releases prejudices–that of course is eased by a number of flower essences, gem elixirs, capacities within ones own development, consciousness, and so on–but to really feel a sense of love for that person, to sense this as if they deserve it. It is as if simultaneously there is awakening of the root chakra, fourth or heart chakra, and the ninth chakra, relating clearly to this interconnectivity amongst all beings; one recognizes then how one is very much like that one, and that one very much like you, and at the same time you are loved, honored, appreciated in God?s eyes, and most importantly, in God?s heart.


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