Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis (yellow, orange – Higher Creative Force

(flowers opening yellow inside, orange outside, becoming coppery-salmon on the second day, then crimson)
This rose has many interesting higher spiritual capabilities, tending to cause an integration of higher subtle bodies; this can be across the mental into the astral, even to some extent into the emotional. However, there is a higher component, sometimes found in the astral body, sometimes in the mental body, that is directly stimulated: this is the capacity to project an aspect of your consciousness that does not hold within it any physical body representation. Mental functioning may be strengthened, but the primary way this energy is utilized, is by its ability to blend, to work in the many realms of it?s signature, turning many colors simultaneously, working with these energies in a shared and beautiful way. This is a difficult task for many because it involves effort; this is the secret that the rose tends to help with, the release of effort, the ability simply to allow the energy itself to manifest in it?s strongest and clearest way. This is difficult because most people are used to having to work hard to do things that are difficult, rather than relaxing into them. Some sense of deep relaxation may be felt in the neck and shoulders, tensions eased there, and this may transfer in many people into the gall bladder and bladder meridians.


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