Rosa Chinensis Minima (Fairy Rose, Rosy pink) – Devic Perception

This flower tends to bring many energies of the devic orders associated with the fairy kingdom, and many aspects of the devas working with very small plants, even into small animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and so on. It allows individuals a deeper sense of the joy in the smaller realms. The understanding of the devas can often be provided as an open door with Fairy Rose, as if a deeper understanding of all aspects of consciousness is more easily accepted and understood by all beings. Many times what will be perceived is simply points of light or energy focus of excessive brightness, of color, or a kinesthetic sense like a tingling energy. If the individual can more easily attune to this energy and welcome it, the body may need some release; finding the way to this will be enhanced by Fairy Rose because the individual will be able to recognize the pattern that the devas are using, and feel that energy themselves moving through their own body. It will also be noted that this can engage the childlike self: the heart of the child, seeing with the eyes of the child, recognizing energy in a more fluid, open sense, can generally be enhanced.


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