Rosa Blush Noisette (pale pink) – Cosmic Dance

This beautiful rose has capacity to confer a sense of grace, and at the same time in some individuals, the capacity to nurture this in others, bringing forth their ability to move gracefully, to receive assistance from many levels with regards to dance, gentle movement, and various ways in which such movements can be healing, both to be watched and to be felt. The result is that use of this rose helps individuals in any organization, any group, any group interaction, to change that group, to accept their capacity to change it, to find the way in which such change is natural and easy. It is the larger dance, the dance of an organization or the dance of a group with a common goal of a certain level of assistance or benefit in the world. In addition to all of these capacities however, this rose at a higher spiritual level confers upon individuals a sense of the gentle movement and interaction of the universe, its capacity to be still at the appropriate moment, and in a flurry of intense motion at other moments. Finding the balance of this in oneself is difficult. Finding the rhythm of the universe, finding an ability to know this and accept it deep in ones own consciousness is that which will typically have many distractions, many ways in which other people will say that it needs to be this way or that way. Finding it for oneself however is a wonderful capacity brought from the devas to individuals working with this rose elixir.


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