DNA (50% Xe-12.5% Ar, He, Kr, Ne) (Tanzanite [dark blue] smooth

With the high percentage of Xenon, manifestation is emphasized. The general use of this is for a child in vitro. For best results, what is necessary is sufficient visualization, energy, and a connection with the soul of the child to be for its permission. For DNA shifting, the closer to the early stages of pregnancy, the easier; and the later in a person’s life, the more difficult. Intense visualization and assistance from the non-physical helpers will always be necessary to produce results. With the Xenon emphasized, there will be a deeper connection to the soul and spiritual factors. There will be a natural tendency towards creating at a physical level what you have thought about at a higher conscious level. Like the All 5 combination, this is not one to work with casually, but with a clear, conscious, and focused intent.


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Weight2 oz
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White, Green, Purple, Blue, Gold, Black, Hot Pink, No Pendant/Coil