Birthing (50%He-50%Ne) (silver cube bead)

This device offers a greater attunement to the energies of the Earth thus enhancing the physical birth process for humans and animals. There can be a heightened level of consciousness and communication between the child to be and expectant mother or father. This will obviously bring more understanding to the expecting parents but also allow them a doorway to their own inner child or childlike self. Bringing in helpful energies to foster attunement to the core self often results in a greater attunement to the soul?s purpose. Thought forms or physical disharmony in the lower chakras can be addressed with this device. There may also be an increased awareness or ability to work with many non-physical children in order to send them healing and understanding.


Additional information

Weight2 oz
Pendant Color

White, Green, Purple, Blue, Gold, Black, Hot Pink, No Pendant/Coil