Valerian (Valerianaceae) – Mental Function

Valerian has many aspects that have the capacity to impart huge levels, though temporary, of intelligence, a higher perspective; an opportunity to relieve stress naturally then results. The ability to maintain this intelligence in an interconnected way, connecting different parts of your life, different relationships, integrating things that might have been held in the past and now come into current consciousness. Many have noted the capacity of the herb when added to other herbs to enhance function; and similar to the way in which Lotus flower essence is often added to a variety of flower essences, many individuals may find that Valerian flower essence can bring benefit, strengthening the effects, in particular where any attribute of the mental body, any increase in consciousness, any degree of understanding and intelligence would be helpful. But over time Valerian flower essence changes the mental body, it allows its borders, where it is connected to emotional, astral, causal bodies, to shift, the opportunity to blend energies with the mental body, to better understand emotional states, to better accept astral projection, to better interact with your own innate nature, these all become more understandable, more aware within your consciousness, and naturally then stress is relieved. Sometimes individuals will have as a result of a brief highly stressful incident a scar on the soul, the sense that trauma has produced this energy. There can be many things done to assist with this, but in the place in which one is able to understand it, to accept it, to have a higher perspective on it, to even see how it has benefited them, this is often very difficult, even after working out some of the behavioral aspects, shifting one’s acceptance or love, finding the way to integrate this into one’s life, still one does not really accept it, having the sense that it was a waste of one’s time or pulled one’s energy where it was no longer beneficial, or pulled one into some aspect of consciousness that was difficult. Valerian relieves this by allowing the individual to see the innate perfection, the innate inherent benefit, the way in which these energies can be better blended and understood.


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