Treasure Flower (Gazania rigens) – Hidden Abilities

They do indeed hold a treasure, and this is a tiny spark of energy that many people recognize; though they look similar in some ways to daisies, they are quite different because of this energy. It is a nighttime energy, energy associated with a subtle ability to tune into that which is unseen, that which is hidden from view, and that which can show up in ways that are unexpected. The flower essence gives individuals the sense of this hidden talent or capability in themselves, ability to perceive this in other people, and the opportunity to use this in selfless and loving capacity for others.

The energies associated with this that can be for a way in which you are doing something for yourself, your own ego development, something that you would see even perhaps in some situations getting paid for, will immediately curtail and shift this. A sense of altruism as you are using psychic abilities, using hidden talents or capabilities, encouraging others to do so, this sense of altruism is significantly strengthened with treasure flower. As these energies become stronger for the individual, they become trustworthy, there is a sense that they are present and able to attune to you. But these energies are delicate, they must be those which are held more consciously as if in a gentle open hand near your heart, a sense that they are very special and beautiful, but those which can disappear if too much energy, attention, focus, too much power is put upon them. Gradually talents and capabilities that you have, particularly where they seem to be pushed away when you describe them or come to understand them with too much conscious thought, these become clearer and easier to work with. Where this gets particularly interesting is in the area of dream interpretation, receiving energy and awareness in the dream state, the ability of dreams to shift your consciousness. That ability to understand and work with the sleep state in a more gentle and accepting manner can be enhanced with Treasure Flower.

Sometimes the ability to shift insomnia, breathing patterns, other aspects that may be difficult during sleep, will be provided with treasure flower. The ability to understand and interpret dreams however, definitely shifts with repeated use of this essence. The ability to understand what happens when you sleep and relate to it differently does also appear over time.


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