Taiwanese Cherry Tree (Prunus campanulata) – Inner Stillness

This cherry has a unique quality of allowing individuals a deeper inner silence, a sense of discovering truth of themselves, within this silence. The capacity for inner stillness, and the ability to maintain it for a longer period of time than would otherwise be possible can lead to the development of a stronger energy, a sense that they are more deeply connected to earth or to their higher self. It is important that the individual over a period of time after taking the remedy, perhaps three days within that time period or a little further, focus on where would they like deeper connection, where would they like this sense of who they are to be connected to, how could that energy be better applied, how would they be able to better know it.

Cherry will often, in its various forms, evoke a sense of deeper truth, an awareness of honesty, a clear understanding of themselves, but Taiwanese Cherry Tree has a quality associated for a long time with this sense that there is something below the truth, something deeper, something felt or known within that cannot easily be expressed or put into words. There does seem to be enhanced communication with animals that you are close with. With a pet, a dog or cat in particular, there is an opportunity for the animal to lead you into a place of deeper inner silence, or with the contact of an inner truth.

Oftentimes one of the more important messages animals have for people because they are often very comfortable with long periods of silence, and know this not just as not talking, but as an opportunity for an attunement to a deeper energy, a sense of oneness with the earth or with their friends or owners, or with nature in some way.


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