Sweet Shade Tree (Hymenosporum flavum) – Self-Approval

Sweet Shade Tree does have benefit to individuals who are seeking better understanding of the balance in their bodies as viewed through other people. Typically, these days, this relates to obesity, ways in which individuals are perceived as being either too large or too small. A deeper understanding of this is very important because without it, individuals do not actually have a sense of what is correct. Of course this can lead to a variety of illnesses where people overeat or under eat, but Sweet Shade Tree does not specifically address this. It is actually shifting the way in which other’s energies are perceived by you, the sense through their eyes in how they view you, the truth of what you look like. But what gradually emerges is that other people’s viewpoint on you is actually a manifestation of your denied viewpoint on yourself, what it is you don’t like to see about yourself, what you wish was different, because in point of fact what other people really do see about you is at first the aspects of themselves that they must deal with, and then as they do perceive the truth of you, typically an understanding of the highest nature, the loving part of your being, that which is valuable, attractive, helpful, etc.


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