Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) – Increases Enjoyment

Stevia offers an important opportunity at this time for people to have an entirely different viewpoint about the sweetness of life, about the understanding of life’s joys, about the capacity of bringing transformation and conscious change to their own ability to enjoy life, find joy in life, and recreate it in themselves. The flower essence works with the higher significance of this energy; an opportunity for individuals to find a sense of joy in movement, in their step, in the awareness of the world around them, in God’s loving energy associated with them in the opportunity to partake in life and to find ways in which this can be ultimately nourishing and helpful. Some individuals engaging already in such a life shift or life crisis would do well to utilize stevia flower essence to help them with the journey, and make it easier for them as they create the new identity for themselves, one that is not based so much on outside accomplishment or how others see you, but rather on an inner joy, on an awareness of ones own inner consciousness, and the opportunity to find joy in every situation in life.


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