St. Catherine’s Lace (Eriogonum giganteum) – Group Coordination

With St. Catherine’s Lace, a higher level of interconnectivity is brought into consciousness for specific application in any given task as long as that task is one that everyone can agree on as to the ultimate real benefit of the outcome. The actual physical outcome as a goal etc is of no importance; it is rather the way in which having learned or worked through this task, having understood or interacted with others, you have gained something, you have shifted somehow, it has been of personal value to you–this takes it above and beyond the realm of money at the practical level.

But in ancient times St. Catherine’s lace was extremely helpful in a bringing together of consciousness when a new being was to be created, a modification of an old energy, a shift necessary for the Earth. Lemurians understood and worked with this in different ways, but the general idea of a higher level of coordination in a group is that which this flower essence can bring forth for many people. The result of this can be greater harmony in a group, but there must be an acknowledgment of some deeper collective shared question, how can I evolve? “How can I use my interaction in this enterprise to better know myself or love others?” Gradually, as individuals are able to put in what they need and hold back on what is better done by others


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