Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius) – Self Awareness

Scotch broom has unique capacities of a deeper ability conferred upon the individual to bring a sense of their own evolution, the sense of where they are going, their abilities and how this can affect them very powerfully and directly into their lives in the here and now, as if to take this sense of what is possible for them and make it more real and stay with it as long as may be necessary. The opportunity for adaptability, the ability to use what talents and capabilities you have, and to do this in ways that you can adapt to any situation, work with many different people, interact in various different circumstances no matter what stresses are applied. Scotch broom’s capacity in this regard relates to the devas’ capacity to interact with humanity and provide many, many adaptations to climate, to various circumstances of landscaping, energy of the earth itself, and various ways in which this can be a useful healing plant.


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