Sandalwood (Santalum album) – Emotional Shift

This flower essence brings a sense of emotional connection, a sense that you are emotionally aware of others in your family in the sense that you are able to better accept them, love them, work with them, interact with them, and ultimately allow greater healing. This sense of healing for those who are close to you and those who work with you is also extended astrologically to the planet Venus, and positively aspected Venus can certainly have many enhancements by use of the flower essence. The strengthening that occurs with this can be one that generates some very powerful emotional states, bringing buried emotions, even from incidences you do not consciously recall, perhaps even from childhood, into your awareness to be easily expressed. Many components of this will be valuable and helpful for emotional clearing, and the body’s ability to clear these energies and allow them in an easy more fluid state is then noted. There can also be much strengthening of the person’s willingness to express oneself. The essence can stimulate aromatics and promote healing with aromatherapy. It can improve breathing during meditation.


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