Princess Flower (Tibouchina urvilleana) – Insight & Understanding

Many times, in seeking to counsel or assist others, individuals become aware of important information that is difficult to transmit. It would be that which might seem a judgment. Indeed, for many individuals they do have such judgments, they do have resistance to this for a very good reason. The reason for this is an internal resonance that has been established, typically without the conscious awareness of either the client or the therapist. Princess Flower has the unique ability to bring a sense of deep love, with a tremendous degree of power, a sense of the correct words to say in such a situation, an opportunity to share in a loving way yet with penetrating words, this does seem to be one of the uses to which this has been put in the past in ancient times both in Lemuria and Atlantis, and that which would be of benefit at the current time. The whole process of the opportunity for an individual through self-reflection and deeper understanding of themselves to counsel and assist others is assisted by Princess Flower. The opportunity to share this in a forthright and loving way, and to change the very nature of the relationship to better enhance sensitivity and receptivity in the client, break old habit patterns as a result of the words that are shared may be noted. The higher ability conferred is that of what might be termed a psychical therapeutic relationship. This is a very general term which can have many different meanings, but is specifically utilized by one large group to confer the idea of interaction with the non-physical beings, be it bringing advice and guidance of helpers more clearly into consciousness, which is aided by Princess Flower, or reduction of influence of intrusion by non-physical beings who are then seeking for their own ends, service to self, difficult energies, feeding on individual, etc, etc. Although Princess Flower can be somewhat helpful with that, it is more for the deeper attunement to the higher vibrational beings and their awareness.


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