Pride of Madeira (Echium candicans) – First Impressions

This plant does seem to have a useful capability for improving the sense of first impression, the opportunity to share energies from an initial encounter then more easily continued into further encounters. Opportunities for those energies to be sustaining and helpful, as if to re-create the spontaneous energies that you felt upon meeting someone for the first time, the potential excitement in particular, but ways in which negative energies from a first meeting might be better muted, released, and understood, by each of the parties individually so that greater degree of forgiveness can be reached; this may also be helpful with Pride of Madeira flower essence.

In addition to this, is the sense that you have known each other. Most of the initial encounters where there is some powerful energy, where there is some sense of connection or some excitement, and those connections where first impression is negative, all of these will typically be areas in which there has been significant karmic interaction: you have known this person in a past life, they have known you, there are various aspects related to your own karma, to aspects that must be shifted, energies that may be dealt with at a deeper level, etc, etc, but it is as if somehow hidden from your consciousness. This may be better understood by working with the flower essence individually, and of course where the two of you come together to work with this more consciously, there are multiplying and many beneficial effects as a result of this.


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