Potato (Purple) (Solanum tuberosum) – Clairvoyance

This potato like all potatoes has many eyes, and the opportunity to receive clairvoyant information on many levels is present. Individuals who are seeking to rebalance, but without the utilization of drugs, and better awaken to the opportunities presented to them by various psychological difficulties is enhanced by the use of purple potato. Individuals who have difficulty with hallucinations and various schizophrenic forms of this will also benefit as they become more aware of their own gifts, talents, and capabilities. It does seem purple potato at times can bring a deeper awareness of ones ability to self-create higher vibrational states. There can be much enhancement of the clairvoyant process. A natural awakening of this process is its ability to connect between the sixth chakra and the seventh. Most focalization of ordinary potato is on the sixth chakra, awakening energies there for clairvoyance and related issues, but this opening to the seventh can be of some value for some individuals who wish a deeper spiritual attunement at the same time as the awakening of various forms of clairvoyance and psychic abilities.


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