Phacelia (Phacelia grandiflora) – Pattern Busting

With Phacelia there does appear to be an interesting connection between the opportunity to cleanse or clear various patterns, stuck patterns, habit patterns and issues that have held within the consciousness, typically for many, many lifetimes, and the ability to understand the underlying reasoning behind establishment of those patterns, and understand its highest connection to your soul. Sometimes having such a deep connection to the deeper understanding of your self, your interconnectivity with other people, your ability to manifest blockages in your life and other things, can be overwhelming, emotionally creating various distractions or issues. This flower essence should be approached with a great degree of reverence, a sense of quiet established before taking the flower essence, an awareness of ones own inner desire to recognize and release blocks to the highest self, to god, to the sense of the universe. There will be an opportunity for the individual to attune to this energy in a relatively rapid manner. They will typically then have to make a choice, probably within 3 days after taking the flower essence the opportunity to make a choice will show up in their lives as to life path, sense of themselves, some more profound or important issue in relationship, some way in which the course of their life is ready to shift. If they can approach with such reverence and opportunity to receive this, then it will likely be helpful, be able to assist them on their own life’s path and journey, and can assist them with a clearing of these blocks permanently.


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