Orange Bells (Tecoma alata) – Shifting Fear

A variety of emotional issues are shifted, but the most intriguing of this is the opportunity for the individual to view phobias, various fears for which they do not have a simple logical explanation, and to understand them in a different way. It does not directly ease the phobia, but rather shows you good reason for why it has been there, where it has been of spiritual value, how it has brought you new information and insight. Over time this will be of much value in your conscious ability to shift the energies and ease the phobia for yourself. For many individuals there is an important life lesson associated with the thing that they are afraid of, something that they must clear or balance within themselves. Many times this relates to some past life where they were unable to correct a situation with another person, and the only solution to it was for one to place within their consciousness something that would remind them of this over and over and over again in their life. If they are unable to grasp the situation, come to a deeper understanding or balance about it, but have in some way balanced the karma by re-experiencing that fear over and over, there can be some benefit to the soul. But generally speaking for most individuals, the presence of a phobia, something that they would find a deep fear of in their life, is there in order for them to question the very nature of consciousness, to look at how things work in the world, to have a sense of it in a different way, to find a way to understand this. It is to produce inquiry, to produce perspective, and Orange Bells can significantly speed this up, allowing them a deeper spiritual understanding of what has been occurring. Indeed all situations relating to strongly held fears that relate to situations that seem to be out of control for the individual, out of their own domain or awareness, that which can occur fairly suddenly or without much in the way of prediction, Orange Bells essence has much benefit, bringing a deeper understanding of this and an awareness of how those energies can be utilized.


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