Old Woman of the Mountain (Oreocereus hendricksianous densilanus)

The cactus is well named as it is frequently observed to have some of these characteristics of the woman who is perhaps separate and wise. This wise woman offers a nurturing wisdom that is bestowed upon those who would open to her energy. Simply taking the essence will not necessarily provide this. One must reach out a bit to the wise old one in yourself, to the one you have been in the past or to a guide or helper. With such a willingness to climb the mountain, then this loving, nurturing energy is made that much more available. What one may receive from this is love-wisdom, a combination of energies relating very much to the heart and to the mind, and a way in which these are combined easily for the person in their daily waking life. This works especially to establish a bond between that person and others, as if to establish a reduction of loneliness so that the individual has an awareness of the love-wisdom in other people, as if they become aware of not only what they know, but what they don’t know and others do know. As a result of this, what is usually created is a sense of camaraderie, of friendship, of loving, which is transcendent of time and space. This can be especially helpful with people that you are somewhat familiar with, people you have some intrinsic bond with but you don’t quite understand it, in other words there is some degree of positive karma or some nature of deeper connection between you and these others. If the people involved would use this essence and deliberately reach out in some way to each other or in themselves to contact more of this love-wisdom, many gifts can be bestowed if there can be a deeper awareness not just of the individuals connection to each other but this as an important symbol or metaphor for life, for the way in which people must come to understand and appreciate each others wisdom, awareness, and light.


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