Mexican Sage (Salvia leucantha) – Fear Of The Future

Mexican Sage has the capacity to assist individuals in coming to deeper understanding about life changes or difficult problems being presented to them. This can be particularly helpful when individuals are considering moves in the future, working with energy associated with fear, and considering the various options available to them. Although it does assist the mental body and bring some degree of clarity, Mexican Sage’s main purpose is in alleviating fears of the future and shifting the individual’s context so that the future possibilities begin to make more sense to them and come to a place of being closer to the present. Sometimes, for some individuals, letting go of that fear means only that they must come into the present, they must let go of what is ahead of them and focus as much as possible on the heart, on breath, on being right in the present. Then, sometimes almost magically those aspects of the future shift: where one held a fear, it now has dissolved; one comes to a new understanding or acceptance. For many individuals a tendency or habit pattern of fearing something in the future is long established. This comes frequently from past lifetimes, and many times a specific lifetime in which a trauma was experienced very suddenly. Mexican sage assists the individual not only with the day to day activities or letting go of the future in general, but also with this spiritual side where one is gradually able to let go of the aspects that might stand in the way of an entirely new perspective on God, on your own being, on other people, especially where it might in some ways remind you of something that was negative, fearful, or difficult from your past.


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