Lovage (Levisticum officinale) – Divine Feminine

Lovage essence has the ability to stir the heart, bringing a sense of deeper attunement to the inner divine feminine; the awareness of the loving component of this as a beautiful caring energy. However, this is distinct from other important feminine aspects, those that are sexual, seductive, maternal or working with the divine mother energy. Instead, these energies allow individuals to attune to an awareness of love on many levels, and foster a willingness to play with it, enjoy it, and find a sense of joy with the love that they know. At the highest vibrational level, there is an increased understanding of the divine feminine God principle, awareness of receptivity on many levels, and a deeper awareness of the healing powers of sensitivity. Sometimes this energy can be helpful with individuals who are seeking to re-stimulate various fine sensory functions lost during their childhood, like taste, smell, and so on.


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