Kaffir Lily (Clivia miniata) – Emotional Identity

Kaffir Lily has an interesting capability to shift the very basis upon which the emotional body is based. The ability of the emotional body to collect information in an experiential way, and translate it into that which you feel in your body, and that which can be sensed all on its own, is an important quality, but this underlying basis over time with experience shifts for many people.

This shift often moves to a way in which it is experienced secondarily and worked with primarily on the residue of previous emotions. As they build up in the body, these emotions create various problems, residues, tendencies and habit patterns. At the same time they have their presence there because the individual has not fully grasped them or worked with them. Should you have cleared many levels of emotion from your own life, should you come to a place of greater peace, and then use Kaffir Lily, what you will uncover is the nature from which you have formed your own emotional identity, the way in which you perceive yourself.

Similarly, repeated use of this essence will gradually allow you to strip away some of those secondary layers and come down to this sense of emotional identity. The other aspect that may emerge for individuals is some clarity as to the nature of what is important to them emotionally, and this may be a bit surprising as they realize that there are things that are very dear to them, that they care about, and others that perhaps though they might have acted as if they were very important, are not really as important as they had thought.


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