Golden Chalice (Solandra maxima) – Love Attunement

This flower has the unique ability to capture some of the most subtle, even high vibrational energies and bring them into something tangible, something people can feel. Oftentimes this can be accelerated by visualization or a deeper awareness of the breath, the sense that you are drawing in the breath of a place, of a subtle energy, of an entire family, of a country or even a planet. Different ways to work with this are stimulating to the imagination because there are no limits. Many of the energies that penetrate into the earthly sphere, into the awareness of that which you would be able to receive, are those energies of love, care, and compassion. In making deeper contact with extraterrestrials, this can be a very useful adjunct, bringing a sense that you are loved or cherished and that there is a positive helpful energy available. This flower has the capacity to increase the sense that anyone is of love. Whenever a person might be feeling lonely, cut off from others, having the sense that there is less love than they know is possible, this flower can be very helpful, the essence giving the individual a sense that they can tune into love wherever they may find it, draw it in, receive it, having the sense that they can benefit from it greatly. This is a flower essence that does exceptionally well when added to a bath, bringing the sense that the water is somehow charged or golden in light. This is not only about receiving. As an individual uses this for a while, there is a gradual shift and they have the sense as if the energy or love is filling them up and there is more available for others, more available to heal and to be used in various ways that can bring aspects of helpful loving compassion such as writing or music into various ways in which you may find it useful to express yourself. When using this flower essence one can use the affirmation, ‘I welcome Creator of Love’. This is a very useful essence for the physical heart.


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