Gold Medallion Tree (Cassia leptophylla) – New Learning

Gold Medallion Tree does have capacity to confer a deeper level of acceptance within people of aspects they have previously rejected from themselves, from other people, and from the earliest periods in learning. Many times this has to do with brain development and the child was presented with the information or techniques in school that were out of sequence with the development of the brain. This could be before the brain was ready, or when the brain was very much focused in other arenas. Bringing greater brain flexibility and awareness, almost of child-like aspects is noted from Golden Medallion Tree. In addition, this would be very helpful for the young in school in regards to learning, particularly where they are taking on a new task. An adult will also benefit here when working with something new. In addition to all of this, is the capacity for these devas to more easily make contact with people in the dream state. This is very unusual as most interaction with devas occur only in nature. But here there is some awareness of this in the dreams for people as well. So welcoming this as you fall asleep, or perhaps even taking a walk outdoors just before going to sleep, being aware of the nature spirits around you and then going to sleep would be a valuable tool in using Gold Medallion Tree elixir in better attuning to these beings.


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