Giant Spear Lily (Doryanthes palmeri) – Causal Body

This is a very interesting plant that has a variety of higher connectivity to psychic levels, the causal body is particularly affected to the extent that viewing it as a photograph, describing it, just receiving or knowing it at some level does appear to produce some interesting effects, ways in which this energy is piercing to the soul, having the sense of this at a powerful level, this does appear to be one of its interesting capabilities. The ability to receive causal body energy directly as if it is connecting, as if a funnel of energy or powerful connectivity from many levels is another aspect of this flower.

As the causal body is stimulated, energy can become more available to the individual. These are energies that can at times be a bit overwhelming. To some extent, Giant Spear Lily tends to moderate this, allowing you to better balance those energies. But one dose of it, one single drop can have the effect that over a period of a few days (three to ten days for most people), the causal body energies will be intensified. This can for some individuals produce a state of melancholy, a sense of sadness that they have not accomplished what they came here to do, the sense that they are somehow misusing their gifts. Pay attention to this. Do not assume that this is a side effect, but rather it is something in your own soul that wishes to smooth out, energize or be more properly utilized during your time here on Earth.

Giant Spear Lily does have the capability of engaging imagination, bringing through possibilities and energies you had never previously considered. This is natural along with intensification of causal energy, but it can at times also produce a helpful self-healing. The self-healing would appear to be emphasized or strengthened by the use of the hands. Hold the hands above the head, pointed straight up, have the sense of energy coming into them from all around you: from the earth, from the stars, from the sun. Then slowly bring the hands down and put them on your physical body in a place that is representative of where any difficulty may be present, or if it is a whole body or blood or overall skin effect desired, then hold them near the center of the body, near the solar plexus and abdominal area, with a sense of an energy moving out from the hands, and that energy then connecting in pure light, as pure white light radiance all over the body. Then let go by shaking the hands, allowing them to be loose and relaxed.

In addition to all of this, this vibrational remedy appears to be stimulating in a way in which an additional sense of energy or strength may be present. Hence in place of your morning coffee, in place of a stimulant, in place of something that you need to keep you more awake, this might be a recommended vibrational remedy.


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