Fiesta Flower (Pholistoma auritum) – Positivity

This flower appears to have useful characteristics as an essence or elixir in shifting how one is able to express positive helpful feelings. This can relate to joy, ecstasy and high vibrational energies, but it can also be with subtle gentle feelings, positive loving feelings or helpful energies expressed towards others. Frequently others will reject this. They may receive your positive intent, they may receive some general sense of positive energy, but it does not appear to affect them in a very powerful way; a sense that you are not connecting with somebody else is often the way people will express this. But what is actually happening is that the mechanism by which the joy or positive energy that you are experiencing is going to the other one is that no vibrational action of any significance is taking place. In order for the other person to experience joy or a helpful awakening feeling, there needs to be this similarity in vibration, a resonance, your vibration drawing their vibration into a similar place momentarily. Fiesta Flower appears to help this as the essence can allow a variety of vibrations to be emanated by the person who takes it. This can of course be reversed, that is, encouraging the individual to receive a variety of emanations, but for the most part it is in the expression of joy or positive feelings that the flower really shines. The higher purpose to love, as it may then be shared as any positive emotion or positive regard, be it awe, admiration, or simple expression of positive energy, is for this purpose of bringing greater healing, greater sense of innate connectivity, awareness of energy on many levels, and this is enhanced for both giver and receiver by Fiesta Flower.


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