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Brazilian Plume Flower (Justicia carnea) – New Relationships

Brazilian Plume Flower has very interesting capabilities to shift the understanding and acceptance of family, how this is created, what it means. Family for most individuals has a traditional meaning associated with genetics, the person you were born to, the connection in your family through those who are connected to others as sisters, brothers, etc, for the entire lineage. But in the modern world, a tremendous degree of change has been thrown at every possible concept of family with the ability to carry in the womb through various simple methods of implantation, all understanding of this has been changed dramatically, all of the capacities of surrogate, of carrying sperm from donors, working with family and all that it entails has stressed the legal system, has worked with all definitions of marriage, family, and other aspects, has skewed how people think of themselves to the point that they must then consider the family that they choose, the family that they want to have; the people they are closest to, for instance, or the sense of dependence or interdependence, these are important aspects.

In working with this flower, one then comes to a different conclusion: working with the family as it is, understanding the sense of relationship with it, what is important to you and so on, you come to the conclusion that this can be created, that there can be seen resistances, jealousies, difficulties, and these are easily swept away, easily released. Certainly an immediate application is when jealousy shows up. The use of Brazilian Plume Flower to examine this jealousy, to find a way of forgiveness, and hopefully to encourage an outward expression of this. This is not the only way that Brazilian plume flower can be used of course: its whole intent is to form new relationships, new families, new ways in which these things are understood, new aspects. It is not so much bringing a microscope to these aspects as it is bringing in new possibilities, new energies.


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