Bower of Beauty (Pandoria jasminoidis) – Releasing Judgement

This beautiful flower from the rainforest in NE Australia has fragrant flowers, white to delicate pink with rose pink to maroon throats, 2 inches across, funnel-shaped, hanging in clusters, followed by large elliptical fruits containing many seeds.

A unique and unusual beautiful plant, the flowers made into an essence have the capability to shift people’s ability to judge, judge others, judge themselves, but ultimately come to a place in which a true resolution about the judgment shows up. It is that which makes a permanent change in their ability to understand and judge themselves. This can have much value as individuals are better able to understand this. But it must be clear here that it does not reduce judgment. It does not change the way in which at the core level judgment shows up in your life, as much as transform the judgments to the point that they have a completely different meaning for you.

This is a unique and helpful tool for all kinds of spiritual growth, and often has associated with it a simple statement or affirmation that can be valuable for many people to use. Take the flower essence in the morning, and then for the rest of the day have open in your consciousness the awareness of the times that you judge. The judgments can be positive or negative, an evaluation: “I like that. I don’t like that. This is a good thing. This is a bad thing. This is what I am moving towards. This is what I am moving away from.” Whatever. And then as it shows up, say to yourself: “Just like me.” Find the way in which you can go deeper in an understanding of where that judgment relates to you, where it is the nature of something in yourself, good or bad, it doesn’t matter, just the idea that you are going to see this. So you see in somebody else “What a wonderful artist.” Instead of going to the thought “I wish I could do that” have “Just like me” and find the place in which that is true. You may not be the artist with the pen and ink like the other person, but you find a way of artistry in how you speak, or how you walk, or how you drive a car, or how you can be good with the children, or how you can enjoy an aspect of life simply by breathing it.

As you come to a deeper understanding of this, bower of beauty begins to bring into your consciousness an actual welcoming or joyfulness, something positive associated with the entire principle so that judging as it shows up is not that which is easily rejected or that which you would push out of your consciousness, but that which you would welcome, that you would find in its proper manner, being able to laugh at it when it shows up, being able to learn from it as you would need to, but eventually in the way in which you come to it, that which allows you to extract a deeper understanding, something more valuable and helpful about yourself. It is as if the ‘just like me’ as an affirmation becomes a doorway, an opening to something similar about yourself, something you have forgotten about yourself, something that can be expanded or understood more deeply.


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