Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii) – New Learning

This flower is able to confer in it’s essence form to individuals a sense of learning through various forms of teaching or communication that is direct, that confers the essence or deeper understanding of something, and does so in a way without words, stories, thoughts, or ideas. This can be especially helpful when you do not understand something and seek to understand it. This can occur in so many different ways. It can be from intellectual pursuits in the world of academia, when you are trying to understand the communication of a spouse, mate, or friend, when you are seeking to learn a foreign language, when you are seeking to understand yourself through meditation or inner exercises or visualizations. Baby Blue Eyes has the capacity to encourage teaching of many sorts, but always through these alternate pathways, not through the intellect. Though the intellect may ultimately be stimulated, it is direct experience, the vibration, you could say, that you are actually absorbing and learning from. It acts as this vibrational bridge, allowing you to receive the possibilities in a way that would otherwise be unavailable.


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