Alyogyne hakeifolia (From Australia) – Physical Learning

This flower does seem to have ability within most people’s consciousness to enhance and strengthen their ability to work with physical energy after they have struggled with it in various ways and made up their mind about it, very different from working with the physical energy that is so important in youth. It is then most likely to be most helpful for individuals after age 25 and continuing on to the end of life, as if you reacquaint your sense of the physical, see yourself anew, and are able to re-attune.

This can be particularly helpful when you are learning a new skill that is that which requires some degree of physicality, balance perhaps, some new sport, some way of bringing benefit into the physical that was not previously there. This naturally brings up the whole issue of physical therapy, and can of course be extremely valuable in an understanding of this, for instance after a stroke, after some physical accident, after some problem that has given significant physical impairment. This will not be so helpful when the whole body is involved in such accidents, but could be somewhat valuable. In particular this will be seen as very helpful when the brain is rebuilding or building new circuits to coordinate and work with the physical body. As a result, some deliberate attunement on the brain can be very helpful, that is, you take the flower essence, are engaged in the new learning associated with this sport or movement or new actions at the physical level, and then after you have been able to move away from the group or learning setting, you sit quietly for a few minutes.

You might choose then to take the flower essence again, but then have the sense of a great deal of light and energy in the brain, as if there is a swirling helpful strengthening loving light that moves in and out of the brain. Then by your simple conscious awareness, you welcome that energy as it moves down the body: it connects to the hands and the feet, it moves into the ears to improve the sense of balance, it moves all throughout the entire skull region. The sense of this energy making a sort of bridge between the non-physical and the physical realms can be very helpful. Of course inert gas combination called vitality would generally be helpful as well in working with this.


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