Carbon Dioxide – Breathing Freely

This substance is a powerful bridge between the human and plant families. Anyone involved in agriculture will do well with this elixir. More deeply, it allows one to understand the entire process of a nearly miraculous transformation from one level to another, from the solid to the gaseous and back again. This can enable deeper insight and understanding in anything to do which can extend far beyond agriculture, into areas of more intuitively selecting and working with food substances. Those who are struggling with vegetarianism, seeking to release meat more easily in the diet would do well with Carbon Dioxide elixir. An additional use is noted for individuals who have the occasional difficulty of excessive carbon dioxide in the body which produces acid conditions. This can be especially noted with individuals who have poor breathing habits.Carbon Dioxide elixir appears helpful in awareness of far-off past lifetimes of coming into being, understanding the nature of form here on planet earth. There is some improved ability to awaken psychic communication with the devic orders, as many of the vibrations carried between the plants take place on the small amounts of carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere.


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