7th Chakra – Higher Consciousness

When the 7th chakra is properly stimulated there is a sense of fulfillment or completion and an alignment with the higher forces. This chakra essence spiritualizes the intellect and is helpful in the breaking apart of belief patterns holding back one’s attunement to higher conscious energies. With its use, there can be an understanding of the interconnectivity of all of the world’s religions, seeing their similarities and commonalities, for most people. Various capacities to improve meditation and connection in one’s feeling sense to God are likely to be improved through this essence. The color violet is associated with this chakra. (Daffodil, French Lavender, Forget Me Not, Havest Brodiaea, Live Forever, Lotus, Peach, Queen Anne’s Lace, Rosemary, Skullcap, Tuberose, Charoite, Opal, Rhodizite, Sugilite, White Diamond, White Quartz, Xenon)


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