8th Chakra – Cosmic Perspective

This combination will tend to stimulate the five chakras above the head. This mixture has much value in allowing individuals to release hold on physical and various physical body belief patterns, including pain. With this comes an enhanced capacity to release various aspects what is real and what is not real. There is an ability to recognize shifts with reality, shifts with time, both the speeding up and slowing down of time, and the realization of how to work with this time shift phenomena. This elixir also confers onto an individual an enhanced ability to receive messages and energies from guides, helpers, and teachers, especially those at the highest vibration. Metallic colors such as silver can be associated with this 8th chakra essence. (Bo Tree, Date Palm, Heliconia, Mallow, Mango, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Silversword, Covellite, Iridium, Orthoclase, Platinum, Silver, Hydrogen, Ozone, Xenon)


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