Walking Through | Stress Meditation In Motion

Dick Harding

Walking Through Stress presents a long-term, self-health plan to prevent or reverse threatening lifestyle diseases of the 1990s. Tips and insights from dozens of world class walkers and medical experts, such as earth walkers like Charlotte Hamlin and Steve Newman, are shared. Time-tested techniques help you walk through stress daily with color therapy, positive self-talk, chakra walks with rainbow tones, crystal walks with healing energies, white light walking, chi kung breathing, relief for AIDS fears and family walk ‘n talk therapy – all done as you stress walk to health indoors and outdoors. This book is a smooth, tasteful blend of eastern and western self-healing modalities.

Walking is a natural medicine for your mind, body and spirit.

Brain stress is here! Learn to walk away from it.

Meditation to uplift the mind. Motion to exercise the muscles.

Discover the wonderful world of stress-free living through walking.

Walking Through Stress presents relief from mood disorders – the most common mental and emotional upsets on Earth today.

Raise human consciousness and mental health simply by stress walking daily.

Stress walking is a prescription without pills, a tranquilizer without side effects, and a min-vacation with no expenses.

Reverend Dick Harding has been a stress management and health center director for 20 years. His professional experience includes clinical hypnosis, personal counseling, motivational self-help, biofeedback, alpha-relaxation and handwritten analysis. He Founded and serves as president of the Stress Center, in Clinton, Massachusetts. The Center offers counseling for smoking, stress and weight control in private or group settings.

Soft cover, 181 pages.



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