Lil' Masters

All of the Lil’ Masters are made with 16% brandy and water. They are made with Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs, and Element Elixirs. If you would prefer vegetable glycerine (2-3 month shelf life) as a preservative please let us know.

Starlight Elixirs are not included in the formulas although they would be very valuable for parents to consider using in conjunction with these formulas. As a parent, it is wonderful to see the impact of the sleep and self-esteem formulas. Their effect is often noticeable within minutes.

My children love to receive these elixirs often insisting that in addition to taking them sublingually to have them also applied to the tops of their heads. These are perfectly safe to use for young children. I have used them externally for newborns or have given the formulas to nursing mothers to pass on the energies to their babies. It is a perfect time to offer these energies to children who oftentimes can feel the energies more fully than their parents. What a gift to accentuate psychic abilities in young souls, I wish that I had been so fortunate.

The initial energies that my first child experienced on the Earth plane were the elixirs of my favorite stars on my hands as I caught her from my wife. This is a very useful tool for all parents to offer their children as well as use themselves. For people who have had a difficult journey as a teenager the elixir for teens can often clear some of those stuck emotional energies.

Fred Rubenfeld