Chakra Elixirs

“Complete alignment of the chakras enables the individual to experience total knowledge and understanding of the self.”

Chakras are centers of energy situated in the subtle anatomy. Spiritual information and life force is channeled into the body through the chakras. They act as transducers that take 4th dimensional and higher subtle energies and bring them into a 3rd dimensional physical body. Although there are many of these chakras in the body, we will be discussing the seven main ones, with some additional information concerning the chakras above the head—which will be referred to as the 8th chakra for this discussion, although there are actually five chakras above the head.

Chakras are described as oval spirals of energy. They are focused in the ganglions along the spine and extend to the organs they are associated with. They extend several inches in front of and behind the physical body in a higher dimensional pattern. The chakras are part of a more complex, subtle-energy anatomy which is too detailed for this discussion. However, a few general points can be briefly discussed regarding the subtle bodies and how the human energy system can impact the emotional, physical, and spiritual life of an individual.

The energy systems of the body are electromagnetic in nature. Subtle energy bodies are perfectly aligned with each other in a healthy body. Psychological problems and disease result when the subtle bodies are misaligned. Flower essences, gem elixirs, and element elixirs help to restore balance in these bodies. In the information about the following mixtures, the term “etheric body” will be referred to. This energetic component is the interface between the physical and subtle bodies. When the etheric body is weakened, diseases and karmic problems residing in the aura and subtle bodies tend to move into the physical body.

The physical organs associated with the chakra system are as follows: the testicles or ovaries for the 1st chakra, the spleen for the 2nd chakra, the stomach or abdomen for the 3rd chakra, the heart for the 4th chakra, the thyroid for the 5th chakra, the pituitary gland for the 6th chakra, and the pineal gland for the 7th chakra. In the eastern part of the world, there are some slight differences in the organs associated with this system. There are no physical organs associated with the chakras above the head.

In over 20 yeas of personal experience, this is what I have found: Using the following mixtures will bring more vitality, life-force, and understanding to many. At the very least, after a few months of use, people will notice greater intuitive abilities, increased ability to get things done in a practical manner, and a higher spiritual reality. Issues and patterns that used to take years to be resolved will be resolved more quickly. The essences can be utilized with any therapeutic practice, and they will enhance that work and speed up positive results.

The descriptions that follow explain the functions and effects of the eight chakra combinations and do not focus on their physical impact—although there are often noticeable changes in this area. For instance, as one uses a vibrational substance in dealing with the heart chakra, many of the issues that led to a physical heart problem—such as unreleased anger, resentment, or shame—can be resolved, thus avoiding or shifting a pre-existing physical difficulty. The point of vibrational healing is to eliminate the need for more severe physical trauma or to bring to the surface the realization of what energy or emotional patterns might have led to an existing physical difficulty.

The following combination elixirs were made with much insight and reflection. Some of these mixtures contain 20 or more individual energetic ingredients. These ingredients—which include flower essences, gem elixirs, and element elixirs—have been collected and prepared over the last 20 years. They have been enhanced and further energized by prayer, geometric amplifying tools, light technology, and—for the first time—the use of “sono-luminescence.” Sono-luminescence is a process in which each concentrate is placed in the appropriate crystal bowl that corresponds to that chakra and then stimulated through playing and toning with that chakra bowl.