Chakra Spray

Aligning, Opening, Activating
Working with chakras is a fascinating and complex issue because of the way in which the chakras are in a constant state of communication with the aetheric body at a more potent and energetic level than any of the other subtle body issues. This is why sometimes people will actually have physical sensation associated with a chakra, where they would not have physical sensation associated with other subtle connections. What tends to happen is that as a chakra shifts, many of the aspects that are resisted in ones life, typically psychological but they could be other aspects as well, these also begin to shift. One tends to work with all of the energies in the subtle dimensions as they communicate more powerfully with the physical. This can be very helpful for many individuals willing to move through areas of change in their life. Apart from the resistance to change, such a chakra stimulation would be valuable for most people. It is indeed an important future wave that many are considering at the current time as if to better apply the information about the chakras and work with them more consciously. What will probably arise from this is a higher sense of ones ability to communicate with the higher aspects of ones being. This may extend into many areas that were unexpected for the individual; so being open to various aspects and letting them come in as they would, would be very good advice in working with chakras. If this formula were too potent, then working with the tourmalines alone would be a good place to start (Combination 21). After using this spray for a while, adding Combination 125, multi-colored sapphires would increase the desired effect.
Ingredients: Pure glacier water, 16% organic vodka and vibrational remedies including: All Tourmaline colors, Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Xenon.
Aroma free.


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