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Wolf 359 – Energy Filtration - Pegasus Products

Wolf 359 – Energy Filtration

Wolf 359 has three planets. One of these is highly metallic, and has properties to confer a concentrating of energies that can be quite helpful.

A large section of this planet was opened up by a meteorite explosion millions of years ago, and three civilizations from quite far away have built a large cooperative structure within this hollowed out area. They have utilized it for experiments, sending energy to other star systems, sending it directly into their own sun, working with various other energies in different contexts. The result of this is that there is a sort of receiving dish, quite large, that is at times able to pick up all kinds of electromagnetic energies. Those emanating from the Earth do reach Wolf 359, though they are approximately 8 years in the past; and these electromagnetic energies have been studied carefully by this group of cooperative civilizations.

These beings in working with these energies have come to a place of understanding that it is necessary that humankind come to some method of filtering, shifting their emotions, understanding what is appropriate, receiving the energies that are needed but more importantly, learning about the filtering process, understanding all of what it means to consciously choose how to filter out too much data, how to work with it appropriately, how to understand it.

This is a process that many civilizations have gone through in the past. It is very difficult at times because new discoveries, new techniques, awareness of other civilizations, all kinds of things can often distract a civilization from its onward progress and deeper understanding. Not true for earth, of course: most of earth?s history would appear to be a series of distractions, one issue after the next, with each area, though bringing some deeper understanding of spiritual awareness, not bringing that of a cohesive mentally mapped out path. This is changing slowly as people become more aware of the inner questions; that is, while one maximizes ones time here, what is best to do with ones time, how best to serve, etc.

But in the meantime, this business of filtering is becoming quite critical. All the processes that humankind has primarily utilized to appropriately filter data have been based upon physical body processes, the way the brain naturally works. These are beginning to fall apart, more often with the very young and the very old, hence great increases in autism and Alzheimer?s as the very young and the very old face these difficulties.

As one can gaze at the star, work with it through a telescope, receiving the energies in various ways, work with the starlight elixir, even just conceive of a giant dish, hollowed out into a large planet, receiving and working with energies and transmitting various changes to those energies back, one can begin to recognize the importance of Wolf 359. Gradually one begins to incorporate new filtering methods, choosing where one puts one?s consciousness very carefully.


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