Pi Hydrae – Past-life Attunement

Some enhanced ability to attune to many life forms is noted. This seems to be especially useful for attuning to life forms that have existed in mankind's far distant past and will exist in humanity's future. This can be helpful for attunement to evolutionary possibilities for humanity, people who are excited by the potential for humanity's development in the future.

There can be a generalized non-specific boost in the immune system as in preparation for stressful times. And there is benefit in this star essence for some preparation for stressful periods, be these times of moving ones home, possessions, a change in job, change in relationship, or of course a change of seasons. And there is also with all of this some ability to reach out to a number of different related energies, that is to state: the awareness of the various beings that assist, those that help to put various energies in place for others.

In this way attunement to multiple levels of consciousness can result for some people. There is also in this looking into the past, a deeper awareness of ones own role in this. Those who would study such prehistoric times as the Mesozoic, various energies associated with various other life-forms that have existed and have now long past from Earth, people who even study and learn about long time past civilizations, such as those of Atlantis and Lemuria, will all benefit by the use of this star.


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