Nusakan (Beta Coronae Borealis) – Energy Transfer

Sometimes taking the elixir will attune you to the star in a way in which you can receive these energies in a positive, helpful, loving way; and those energies will gradually fill you with a sense of deeper love, a sense that you have more than the physical; an energy that can be sometimes confusing, but that confusion brings you a sense of looking through their eyes at how confusing it is to be physical, at how clear it can be as you raise energy to other vibrational levels and understand these and receive them in different ways.

These energies can be healing, at times providing a new picture of your own subtle bodies, your own sense of yourself, your own ability to receive and know deeper love. However it is more useful when using the elixir to visualize the higher subtle body, the energy of your own consciousness, the sense of yourself as you would like it to be; an energy that tells you that there are aspects of your being you have not examined or looked at.

One way to do this is to have a model or a picture of yourself as you would want your physical body to be; hold this in the sense that it already is present, it is in present tense, available to you in its most conscious, helpful way. And as you are working with that energy, then see it as it comes into your own physicality, as if you are breathing it, welcoming it, seeing it come in a way in which it is making you alive, in which it feels good, as if the aetheric and the image there held is drawn into your physical. beings from beta corona borealis are experts in the understanding of magnetism; to work with the wind in the aether in ways that are more sophisticated than anything humans have ever acknowledged or worked with.

In the meantime, the opportunity to acknowledge your own ability to change vibration will continue to be encouraged by beings from this star. Strengthening of these energies may significantly impact the triple warmer and small intestine meridians for some people, bringing a deeper sense of healing and energetic transfer. The aetheric body is strengthened. Its ability to transfer energies from other subtle bodies is enhanced.


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